Private Lessons
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Private Yoga Instruction

Private yoga instruction is specifically catered to your individual needs, helping you progress towards your goals more quickly. The holistic approach used in yoga therapy and private yoga instruction promotes wellness, preventative health, and facilitates improved functioning of the body’s own healing systems.


Sandra is passionate about yoga and loves inspiring students to incorporate yoga daily. She loves working one-to-one to empower students toward wholeness. She is very experienced and skilled at working with a variety of issues with over 1700 hours of documented one-to-one cases that range from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Sandra will access the student’s issues and intentions and create an individualized program to support his or her progress. She loves working with students that have anxiety and depression. She has worked with many chronic issues and reserves her private sessions for those that need individual support that cannot get the attention needed for specific issues in a group environment. Sandra will offer you tools to practice regularly between visits. Her intention is to empower you to feel and live your best life!


Sandra also loves offering one-to-one meditation instruction and mentoring for new and experienced yoga teachers. She is also passionate about sharing pranayama (breathwork) for its incredible health benefits.


Offering sessions in Weatherford and Online via Zoom.


Email Sandra to book.


75 minutes $144