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“With your mind know ten thousand things but with your heart feel everything is an expression of one formless being.” – Rupert Spira


Join Sandra for The Practice of Pure Awareness meditation sessions. These somatic meditation sessions are for awakening the sacred. Sandra will step-by-step guide students through practices to deepen connection to the present moment using sound, breath, sensation, grounding into the earth and more. In these unique meditations you will be thoroughly grounded in the body and in ordinary experience. You will learn to anchor yourself in the present moment, awaken awareness, release stress and tension, calm your thoughts, rest awareness on the breath, open your heart and experience sensation as a doorway to non-dual awareness. If you have been wanting to begin a meditation practice, these sessions are for you. Sandra will be covering fundamentals to the practice and each meet up will offer different points of practice with step-by-step guidance for home practice.

Upcoming Sessions