Healing Sessions
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Healing Sessions

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung


Since 2007 Sandra has been lovingly guiding students in the fields of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, embodiment, and shadow work. She draws on several different spiritual traditions to support students individual journeys back to wholeness through transformation and awakening. Healing sessions with Sandra inspire and empower you to connect to your own intrinsic healing abilities.


Through her 16-year daily relationship with yoga and meditation she has cultivated her energy to have an acute sensitivity and clarity. Your session will include an in-depth consultation followed by a customized healing session to support your health and wellbeing on all levels.


Every session with Sandra is unique and guided by the client’s inner-healer within a container of loving Awareness. Sessions combine body-oriented techniques with verbal interventions all within the framework of body-mind holism, mindfulness, non-violence, and unity to create a gentle and respectful frame of inner exploration, personal growth, and deep transformation of unconscious core material that unfolds in a very natural way.


This very gentle healing practice promotes personal growth, healing of unresolved trauma, integration of all parts and includes shadow work, expanded awareness, resolution of limiting beliefs and a pathway toward integration and healing.


Sessions can be held in-person or online via Zoom. Every session is unique and co-created with students.


Email Sandra to book.


75 minutes $144

Distance Healing

Sandra offers 30 minute distance healing sessions in which, with permission of the client, she checks in energetically and can see what would be most supportive by attuning to the inner healer of the client. She can offer healing work that can look like guidance, energy clearing, extraction and/or balancing. She then records a voice message to send to the client with details of the session. Sandra has experience working with both people and animals. She needs a few pictures of the client before getting started. This option has been extremely beneficial during COVID when family members have been in the hospital without the family being able to visit. She has worked with multiple families to support their loved ones healing process.


Email Sandra to book.


30 minutes $75 (includes recorded voice memo)